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Voice Logging

A leader in voice logging recorders with New Jersey based operations since 1965; Office Business Systems (OBS) provides professional service and innovative voice logging technology to deliver comprehensive performance management and customer interaction solutions for the enterprise, public safety, and security markets.

Short response times are crucial in mission-critical situations. Communications recording in dispatch centers and call centers as well as flexible playback and analysis features can significantly improve liability protection and case resolution. OBS provides the tools to reconstruct complete scenarios for after-the-fact evaluation. This post-event evaluation results in improvements for future missions as well as a higher level of security.


A Web-Based Voice Logging System Designed for Small and Medium-sized Applications from 5 Channels to 3,000 Channels of Analog, Digital or VOIP.

Whether you are involved in Public Safety operations - or you're interested in better managing the communications risks of your business – REVCORD voice logging systems has a solution for you.


ASC provides innovative solutions to record, analyze, and evaluate multimedia-based communications. The open architecture provides seamless integration with solutions for the fast growing market of workforce optimization, encompassing the technologies of recording, quality monitoring existing IT and telephony networks.  With speech analytics and workforce management tools ASC systems analyze agent performance, reveal customer trends and integrate with existing infrastructure, thus enabling companies and organizations to considerably improve their value.

Voice Logging

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