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Voice logger system NJ


Organization whether a large hospital or a large police department require a voice logging system that records all incoming and out-going calls from the company to prevent liabilities from arising due to an error in communication. Our Revcord, state of the art, logger records and automatically organize the data into a system for easy access when needed.

Next Generation 9-1-1 for police departments

Public safety agencies: fire departments and police departments absolutely must have a powerful digital call logger. When the prosecutor calls for a collections of all 911 emergency calls recorded during a certain date, the police department must be able to provide them in a quick and timely manner. Our digital system which comes with a whopping 500-gb storage, allowing departments to store large quantities of calls.NextGen 911 System

Voice logger NJ features:

Encrypted recordings

Our NG9-1-1 system allows a department to create a large number of channels to monitor: dispatch calls, text messages, and on the field videos from officers. The system efficiently records and preserves recordings into a safe industrial grade server in an encrypted format. The format cannot be opened by anybody but authorized individuals through the system’s secure interface. The voice logger’s encryption prevent critical data from falling into the wrong hands.

Our experience

For more than three decades Office Business System has been providing municipal governments, universities, and large companies with cost-effective and easy to use voice logging systems. Some of our current clients include: the Clifton Police Department, Paterson Fire Department; Drew University; and Amcare, a medical transportation company in Jersey City.

Installation and upgrades and service help

Our highly qualified technicians commence and complete installation of the system to ensure high quality. We also provide training to your staff, so that they can easily operate the system. And when or if there is any issues we rapidly dispatch one of our technicians to diagnose and resolve the problem with a matter of minutes.

Our office is conveniently located in Lincoln Park, New Jersey, allowing us to easily respond to support requests from the entire state. We serve clients in NJ, NY, PA, and CT. We are a local company. If you are in need of a next generation 9-1-1 voice logger system click or call us at (973) 575-6550.

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