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Video Surveillance

A quality video surveillance system is a must for ensuring physical security in and around your organization’s work environment. Today OBS leads with IP based cameras and security systems that are incorporated into the data network. OBS combines its thorough understanding of networking technologies with today’s feature rich security systems to deliver state of the art solutions. IP cameras allow for information to be sent and received between the camera and the central control console over the internet. This can be done either through a wired connection, which opens up the possibility for PoE, or wirelessly. This type of video surveillance solution proves to be much more dynamic than closed circuit systems because cameras can now be accessed remotely from computers and other devices. It also allows for a much more dynamic system that can be controlled by an administrator much more quickly and easily than previous systems.

Access Control is also an essential part of any physical security solution. It allows you to ensure that the correct people have access to the right places, and can keep out any undesirable individuals. An access control system can provide enhanced security and safety for physical and intellectual property as well as people. To this end, a system of readers and access cards is a solid option to protect your organizational environment.

Physical Security

OBS has the expertise in delivering the most advanced video surveillance and physical security solutions from leading partners like Aimetis, a software company offering integrated intelligent video management solutions for security surveillance and business intelligence applications.

Aimetis Symphony makes intelligent video management simple by providing a single software platform for:

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