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Speech Recognition

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Incorporate speech recognition technology with digital dictation and you will improve transcription productivity by providing an electronic draft of your document and dramatically reducing the manual typing while improving the bottom line.

Laboriously typing up a report is a thing of the past, these days improving efficiency and productivity requires the use of dictation software, and talking up reports rather than typing them up. We offer the software and the hardware to improve your bottom line by using dictation to compile reports.

The process is simple: you speak into a microphone or a mobile devices, our software recognize your voice, and begins to transcribe your utterances into words – automatically typing them into a word document.

Dictation Software and Hardware

Our dictation solution includes microphones that record crystal clear voices, and Dragon Naturally Speaking for transcription.

Speech recognition can be implemented as a background function, which allows for editing by either you or your support staff at later time. When using it as a background function, the software runs behind the scene, allowing you to transcribe whilst completing some other task on the computer. The content you dictated can then be quickly edited into a report by you or one of your staff members.

You can also use speech recognition as a front end solution, which allows you to instantly see the words appear on your screen. The front end method allows you to see the words appear on screen as they leave your vocal cords, allowing you to edit and compile reports on the submit while you speak into the microphone.
Either method dramatically improves office productivity, and improves the bottom line by cutting down on the time it requires to produce a report.

Is Dictation Solution Right For Your Business?

If you are in the knowledge industry, our dictation solutions can do wonders for your business. Whether you run a medical practice or a law firm dictation can help improve your business by allowing you to do more in less time.

Office Business Systems (OBS) has been providing dictation solutions to hospitals, law firms, and medical offices. We are a family owned businesses located in Lincoln Park, NJ, with almost 50 years in helping businesses adopt new technologies to improve efficiency.

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