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Incorporate speech recognition technology with digital dictation and you will improve transcription productivity by providing an electronic draft of your document and dramatically reducing the manual typing while improving the bottom line. Combining speech recognition technology with a transcription system will allow you to easily produce reports for meetings, interviews, and conferences. Producing minutes of important matters has never been easier. And it requires very little resource. Consider, just a decade ago it required more than one individual to take down the minutes of an important meeting, now that can be done efficiently and productively through the combination of a speech recognition and transcription system.

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In the past to produce a minute of a conference required the involvement of a team of individuals: someone to record the audio, another person to type it, and a third to compile it into a report. However, now with the advent of new transcription technology the work is much easier. Why manually type a report when it could be transcribed with a voice? It is efficient, increases productive, bringing your practice up-to-date. Speech recognition can be implemented as a background function, which allows for editing by either you or your support staff at later time. You can also use speech recognition as a front end solution, which allows you to instantly see the words appear on your screen. Either method dramatically improves office productivity and the bottom line.Speech Recongition Device

48 years of experience in making businesses more productive

Office Business Systems (OBS), established in 1965, has assisted hundreds of attorneys in the use of digital dictation. Our experience in the legal community combined with our products and superior service has earned us a reputation for providing solutions that work. Lawyers utilize our technology to dictate dispositions and write legal briefs without having to lift a pen or pencil. Diction software and hardware, both of which OBS offers, make a law firm more efficient and productive, improving the company’s bottom line.

Medical transcription and dictation system in NJ

Medical offices use our diction solution to complete medical reports. Using our solution makes a practice much more profitable by saving on human resources and on time. Imagine being able to speak into a system and within minutes have your entire speech written as a report. That is what we provide, a turnkey diction solution that will allow your practice to thrive in the modern marketplace.

OBS not only provides the hardware, software, and the delivery and installation of the solution, we also provide training to your staff, teaching them everything they need to employ the system. Our expert trainers will have your staff members using the software like professionals.

Medical Transcription Software in New Jersey

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