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Radio Logger in NJ


Record dispatch calls, record social media postings, save text messages, and record field videos using our new NextGen capable Revcord 911 voice logger that allows any modern public safety department to keep organized records of dispatch calls and field officers’ camera captured videos inside a secure storage system.

NextGen 9-1-1 Capable Radio Recorder

There are hundreds of voice loggers on the market, but there are only a limited number of them that support Next Generation 9-1-1 system – our system is NextGen911 capable. NG9-1-1 systems are not just for voice recording, they include a large number of emerging modes of communications that require recording: field video of officers making an arrest, social media posting, text messages sent to dispatch, and the classic dispatch call. Our system does all this and much more.

Easy to Use Radio Logger Interface

Recording all these different forms of communication is extremely simple for our Revcord digital voice logger and multimedia recorder, but so is allowing you to sort through a large collection of captured communications. With web based browser interface, it’s simple: you login to a secure system and are able to search by date, time, and search by channel. Advanced search makes it even easier: search by caller ID, dialed number, or call tagging.

There is also the 168 analog channels and 168 digital channels that can be setup for monitoring. So whether you have a NextGen system or an analog system we can help.

Features of Radio Recorder NJ

Our system comes with a high capacity hard drive that allows for the storage of 150,000 hours of on-line archiving with 500 GB Hard Drive – if your department requires a larger hard-drive we are more than happy to upgrade it to terabytes.

Office Business Systems (OBS) dispatches highly qualified technicians to your department to commence and finish the installation. And we provide 1-year warranty to make sure your new system is function smoothly.

A trusted local provider

We are a trusted local company based out of Lincoln Park, NJ, serving the entire Northeast including New York (NY), Connecticut (CT), and Pennsylvania (PA). If you would like free consultation or more information please call us at (973) 575-6550 or send us an email through our easy to use contact page. We have almost 50-years of experience in deploying high quality systems designed for large and small businesses and government agencies.

Radio recorder brochure with technical specifications: Revcord System.