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School board meeting recording system

Preserve accurate records of school board meetings by utilizing our high-tech council chamber recording system that is inexpensive to obtain and easy to maintain.

ftr-reporter-court-recording-njOffice Business Systems (OBS), a local company out of Lincoln Park, NJ, has been providing technology solutions to businesses and government institution for the past 60-years.  Our school board meeting recording system is entirely digital bringing all the benefits of reduced reliance on optical media discs and moving away from hauling large number of tapes around after each meeting.

School board meeting recording system features:
•    Minimum user training – familiar interface & functionality similar to tape recorders
•    Lower optical media, storage & IT maintenance costs
•    Take advantage of reliable, accurate & secure digital recording & storage
•    Quickly duplicate specific portions of recordings to CD or DVD

Long term savings of our digital systems are enormous. An agency can cut costs in purchasing CDs and DVDs to record meetings by using a large, relatively inexpensive hard disk. And by recording less on optical media, an agency will save on storage cost. With our system everything is stored inside a hard drive making retrieval easy and storage of meeting records easier.

We have customers throughout New Jersey. See what OBS can do to make your school board meetings more efficient!