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Police Interview Recorder

Build a 21st Century interview room with a state-of-the-art interview room recording system that allows clear and crisp recording of interrogations while improving workflow and saving thousands of dollars.

Office Business Systems (OBS) provides FTR Interrogator, an easy to use, push-button interview room recording solution. Our system is geared for large and small public safety departments with important list of features like remote desktop viewing and concurrent archiving to network.

Police interview room recorder feature:

  • Create linked notes as bookmarks to specific points in the interview
  • Time-date-room stamp on each recorded frame
  • Concurrent archiving to DVD & network
  • Secure storage of recordings on network
  • Supports IP cameras

    Clip of an interview room recording with date-time-room watermark.

We understand detectives and critical staff members of a police department are busy handling important cases and investigations which is why our system requires almost no training to use – it is extremely intuitive with a simple user interface.

Not only is the system designed for ease of use, it is also designed to reduce costs. Departments spending thousands of dollars on cassettes and CDs will see a big saving when recordings are securely stored in a digital format with easy access to all authorized individuals.

Our system preserves a record in the system and transmits an archive into the network allowing for easy remote retrieval and a backup copy in case of an emergency. Police can also save by reducing IT cost since our system is easy to maintain. With crystal clear recording, the police departments can reducing transcription costs during discovery.

The coveted FTR Interrogator system provided by OBS is used throughout the State of New Jersey (NJ) and around the world. There is no better system than this on the market! Find out more or see a demonstrating by contacting us.

As a local company operating out of Lincoln Park, NJ with 50 years of experience we are able to provide onsite demonstrations to our customers.