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Council chamber recording system NJ

Preserve audio recordings of public meetings with our state-of-the-art council room recording system.

Our system cuts down your organization’s technology cost by providing an easy to maintain system that requires very little technical training or know-how to operate and preserve.

Council chamber recording NJ

Image of a council deliberation room.

By using a digital system, your organization will also save thousands of dollars on storage media. Whereas, most organizations store records of meetings in tapes or CDs, our system neatly saves recording into an easily accessible computer system.

Council room recording features:
•    Save on media storage and IT costs
•    Ease of use — virtually any one can operate with minimal training
•    Operate as easily as a tape recorder
•    Rapid duplication feature allows for easy extraction of select segments

Not only is the system easy to use, installation is also a breeze with a team of experts from Office Business Systems (OBS) handling the deployment.

Trusted local company

OBS, with its headquarters in Lincoln Park, NJ, has been providing government and private companies with high tech solutions for decades, since 1965. Our products are used by towns throughout New Jersey (NJ) including, Alpine, Clifton, and many more.

Place almost 50-years of experience at your service!