Municipal court recording system

Capture court proceeding with ease and simplicity using our state-of-the-art court recording solution that allows the capture, playback, annotation, and archival of proceedings of trials and hearings.

FTR Reporter, our court recording system, is one of the most used and trusted system in the world used by courts throughout the state, county and world. Why is this system so popular?  The reporter is extremely easy to use; anyone that is able to operate a simple tape recorder can operate this system and capture eight channels of audio.

ftr-reporter-court-recording-njFeatures of our municipal court recording solution:
•    Up to 8-channel recording
•    Confidence monitoring
•    Rapid duplication of selected portions of recordings
•    Save recordings as an Audio CD
•    IP Camera Support

This system comes with added functionality of real-time sealing of proceedings to CD/DVD or a protected network folder, concurrent archiving to both optical media and a network location, with the ability to verify the authenticity of recordings and signaling an alarm at the loss of an input signal.

FTR Reporter includes much more than lots of features and added functionalities, it also includes savings for cash strapped municipal court systems by reducing optical media and IT costs. Our system is easy to maintain making it necessary for a court to hire expensive technical experts to manage the system.

Most courts currently store proceedings in media discs which take up a great deal of room and are expensive over time. See how you can reduce your costs by using Office Business System’s court recording system.

OBS has been providing technology for municipalities throughout New Jersey since 1965. Our clients include small towns like Alpine and Cresskill and big cities like Paterson and Clifton.

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