Make your law practice more profitable and productive

As a lawyer you are pressed for time. It seems there is never enough time in the day to draft all your legal documents. We have a solution at Office Business Systems (OBS). professional-dictatingWe provide dictation solutions to law firms throughout the northeast from our base in New Jersey allowing each firm to become more efficient in their practice.

You can draft three times as many legal documents by dictating them as opposed to typing them. Here’s why: studies have shown an average person speaks three times faster than they type. In other words, by speaking to create documents rather than typing, your firm will do three times the work in the same amount of time.

Dictating increases your firm’s productivity by 75-percent. It makes your employees more efficient. And as a result it increases your firm’s profitability.

“I prefer to dictate directly into Microsoft Word, and speech recognition populates the text automatically. For all other documents I dictate directly into SpeechExec with templates,” James D. Wetzel, partner at La Cava & Jacobson in Florida.

Wetzel’s firm has increased productivity and document turnaround time by using dictation Phillips SpeechExec, a software OBS provides to law firms. With reduced typing responsibilities, morale has also gone up in Wetzel’s firm. “Assistants are happier because they are typing much less, and the lawyers are thrilled with the fast turnaround on documents,” says Wetzel.

We, at OBS, have been around for almost 50 years. During these five decades we have been making government agencies and private sector businesses more productive. We would like to help you make your company more productive and efficient with the solutions we provide.

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