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Interview room recording

Our two-channel interview room recording system is ideal for law enforcement investigators who conduct interviews of witnesses and interrogation of suspects to preserve records to build evidence.

interview-room-recorder-FTR-ReporterFTR Interrogator, a world renowned recording system used by police departments throughout the world, allows easy capture, playback, annotation and saving of interview records. The system is also designed for ease-of-use with its minimal training, simple as a turning on a traditional recorder user interface.

Features of interview room recording solution:
•    Search and retrieve specific interview recordings from the network
•    Instantly access relevant points in a given recording – no rewinding or fast forwarding
•    Duplicate all, or portions of, interviews to DVD for sharing with external parties
•    Import field recordings to consolidate them with in-room interviews related to the same case

Not only do the features listed above turn your public safety department into an efficient modern institution when it comes to recording interviews, but it saves thousands of dollars by reducing IT and storage media costs by producing high quality audio/video in small file size.

Our system is easy to maintain and has been improved and made more robust through feedback from hundreds of law enforcement agencies that use FTR Interrogator. See what our system can do for your department.

Office Business Systems (OBS), a family owned company with its headquarters in Lincoln Park, New Jersey, has been providing public and private sector agencies throughout NJ with the latest in technology since 1965.

For about 50 years we’ve been providing excellent customer service and support for our products. See what we can do for you – request a free demonstration!

Police Interview Recorder

Build a 21st Century interview room with a state-of-the-art interview room recording system that allows clear and crisp recording of interrogations while improving workflow and saving thousands of dollars.

Office Business Systems (OBS) provides FTR Interrogator, an easy to use, push-button interview room recording solution. Our system is geared for large and small public safety departments with important list of features like remote desktop viewing and concurrent archiving to network.

Police interview room recorder feature:

  • Create linked notes as bookmarks to specific points in the interview
  • Time-date-room stamp on each recorded frame
  • Concurrent archiving to DVD & network
  • Secure storage of recordings on network
  • Supports IP cameras

    Clip of an interview room recording with date-time-room watermark.

We understand detectives and critical staff members of a police department are busy handling important cases and investigations which is why our system requires almost no training to use – it is extremely intuitive with a simple user interface.

Not only is the system designed for ease of use, it is also designed to reduce costs. Departments spending thousands of dollars on cassettes and CDs will see a big saving when recordings are securely stored in a digital format with easy access to all authorized individuals.

Our system preserves a record in the system and transmits an archive into the network allowing for easy remote retrieval and a backup copy in case of an emergency. Police can also save by reducing IT cost since our system is easy to maintain. With crystal clear recording, the police departments can reducing transcription costs during discovery.

The coveted FTR Interrogator system provided by OBS is used throughout the State of New Jersey (NJ) and around the world. There is no better system than this on the market! Find out more or see a demonstrating by contacting us.

As a local company operating out of Lincoln Park, NJ with 50 years of experience we are able to provide onsite demonstrations to our customers.

Council chamber recording system NJ

Preserve audio recordings of public meetings with our state-of-the-art council room recording system.

Our system cuts down your organization’s technology cost by providing an easy to maintain system that requires very little technical training or know-how to operate and preserve.

Council chamber recording NJ

Image of a council deliberation room.

By using a digital system, your organization will also save thousands of dollars on storage media. Whereas, most organizations store records of meetings in tapes or CDs, our system neatly saves recording into an easily accessible computer system.

Council room recording features:
•    Save on media storage and IT costs
•    Ease of use — virtually any one can operate with minimal training
•    Operate as easily as a tape recorder
•    Rapid duplication feature allows for easy extraction of select segments

Not only is the system easy to use, installation is also a breeze with a team of experts from Office Business Systems (OBS) handling the deployment.

Trusted local company

OBS, with its headquarters in Lincoln Park, NJ, has been providing government and private companies with high tech solutions for decades, since 1965. Our products are used by towns throughout New Jersey (NJ) including, Alpine, Clifton, and many more.

Place almost 50-years of experience at your service!

Digital Dictation for Medical Professionals

Digital dictation and speech recognition products have markedly improved healthcare facilities’ bottom line while speeding up document workflow and turnaround time.

For more almost four decades, Office Business Systems (OBS) has been addressing the needs of the medical community by incorporating products, technology and industry standard support.

Using a combination of a dictation system with Dragon speech recognition software a healthcare facility can improve productivity:

  • Securely send dictation instantly to a transcriptionist while maintaining patient confidentiality
  • Select the device you want to use for dictation: handheld recorder, smart phone, or PC
  • Ability to easily integrate with HIS, RIS and EHR systems
  • Streamline and add efficiency to your document management process

We understand each company has its own healthcare facilities need that’s why our solutions come tailored to your needs. We take a consultative approach when designing a hospital solution which encompass all requirement for Electronic Medical Records and HL7.

Medical professional in the market for a digital dictation solution? There’s only one reliable choice, that’s OBS! We have been in business for 50-years with the best customer support and prices in the industry.

Voice logger system

The most simplest and cost-effective voice logger recorder on the market, the Revcord system comes fully equipped with powerful functions that’s bound to meet the logging needs of most public safety departments.

Our happy customers
This system is not only for police and fire departments, but also for firms that record calls for quality or other purpose. Some of our local clients inside an ambulance company in Jersey City, Drew University, Clifton Police, and the Paterson Fire Department.


  • Up to 168 analog and 169 digital channels
  • Virtually unlimited VoIP channels
  • Combine analog, digital, and VoIP in the same chassis
  • Up to 150,000 hours of On-lin archiving with 500 GB hard drive
  • Standard search by channel, time, and date
  • Call commenting search and notation reference
  • Auto burn multiple recording to CD
  • Email in .wav and .wma or encrypted format
  • Remote system monitoring and warning notification by email
  • Statistical analysis and reporting in excel or graph format

NextGen 9-1-1 capable

Our system has the capability to log audio, video, text, social network comment, email, and has the power to record internal computer screen. It meets the standards of a Next Generation 9-1-1 system that is able to not only record voice but also other much newer modes of communication that have become common in modern society.

With an easy to use web interface a designated person is able to quickly extract a piece of data to burn to a CD or save to a portable device like a thumb drive.

Why Choose Us?

Office Business Systems (OBS) has been providing cutting edge technology products to large and mid-size — private and public institution — throughout the northeast since 1965. We are located in Lincoln Park, NJ. We have experience meeting the needs of our clients; for 50 years we have been doing just that!

Fire department voice logger NJ

A simple telephone voice recording system no longer suffices at fire departments to log emergency calls, modernity has brought texts, emails, and social postings all of which are slowly being mandated for logging by government.

NextGen 9-1-1 Capable

With our NextGen 9-1-1 capable public safety voice logger your department can step in to the modern communications revolution that has changed the way we dial for emergency assistance. Our voice logger allows a department to capture audio, text, video, and much more.

Input formats captured:

  • Audio Recording
  • Video Recording
  • Text Message Submissions
  • Social Network Commenting
  • Email Submissions
  • Internal Screen Recording

The securely (data is encrypted) captured information is easily retrievable using a web-based interface that allows for easy export of the recorded information to a CD or a portable hard-drive. Our high tech system supports up to 168 Analog and 168 digital channels allowing the department to mix and match using both digital and analog systems.

Searching for specific recording is made simple with the powerful search that comes inbuilt with our easy to use interface; simply search by channel, date, and time. Our system also comes with statistical analysis and reporting in Excel or graph format, allowing a fire department to quickly show the public officials the good the department is doing as well as show when the department is receiving large volumes of emergency calls.

Office Business Systems (OBS) has been in business since 1965 providing cutting edge technologies to public safety departments throughout New Jersey.

Some of our clients include the Clifton Police Department, Paterson Fire Department, and Passaic Police Department.

With our office conveniently located in Lincoln Park we are able to quickly dispatch technicians to provide 24/7 emergency critical support.

Police voice logger system NJ

Organization whether a large hospital or a large police department require a voice logging system that records all incoming and out-going calls from the company to prevent liabilities from arising due to an error in communication.

Our Revcord, state of the art, logger records and automatically organize the data into a system for easy access when needed.

Public safety agencies: fire departments and police departments absolutely must have a powerful digital call logger. When the prosecutor calls for a collections of all 911 emergency calls recorded during a certain date, the police department must be able to provide them in a quick and timely manner.

Our digital system which comes with a whopping 500-gb storage, allowing departments to store large quantities of calls.

Voice logger NJ features:

  • High quality, clear recording
  • Easy to use
  • Generate reports on calls and dispatches within seconds
  • Next-Gen 911 system support

We have 50 years of experience in the business; founded in 1965 OBS is conveniently located in Lincoln Park, New Jersey, allowing us to easily respond to support requests from the entire state.

We serve clients in NJ, NY, PA, and CT. We are a local company.