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Winscribe Smartphone Dictation & Speech Recogntion


Winscribe  Mobile  Dictation Application
with Speech Recognition

Backed by 50 years experience providing dictation solutions, Office Business Systems is excited to introduce Winscribe Dictation and Speech recognition solution for the your smartphone application.

    • Dictate anywhere and instantly & securely transmit your work to your office.

    • Receive an electronic draft back to your smart phone.

    • Email your final draft from your dictation application on your smartphone.

    • Save valuable time and money

    • Improve document turnaround time.

  • Capture your thoughts and ideas when you think of them.

School board meeting recording system

Preserve accurate records of school board meetings by utilizing our high-tech council chamber recording system that is inexpensive to obtain and easy to maintain.

ftr-reporter-court-recording-njOffice Business Systems (OBS), a local company out of Lincoln Park, NJ, has been providing technology solutions to businesses and government institution for the past 60-years.  Our school board meeting recording system is entirely digital bringing all the benefits of reduced reliance on optical media discs and moving away from hauling large number of tapes around after each meeting.

School board meeting recording system features:
•    Minimum user training – familiar interface & functionality similar to tape recorders
•    Lower optical media, storage & IT maintenance costs
•    Take advantage of reliable, accurate & secure digital recording & storage
•    Quickly duplicate specific portions of recordings to CD or DVD

Long term savings of our digital systems are enormous. An agency can cut costs in purchasing CDs and DVDs to record meetings by using a large, relatively inexpensive hard disk. And by recording less on optical media, an agency will save on storage cost. With our system everything is stored inside a hard drive making retrieval easy and storage of meeting records easier.

We have customers throughout New Jersey. See what OBS can do to make your school board meetings more efficient!

Court recording for county court systems

Office Business Systems (OBS), a family owned, local New Jersey based company, offers a highly efficient digital court room recording system that is easy to use, inexpensive to maintain, and high-tech.

Our eight-channel FTR Reporter lets the court administrator see a fast return on investment through savings on optical storage media.

ftr-reporter-court-recording-njCourt systems often store recordings of trials and hearings in compact discs (CDs) that take up space and overtime drain a court’s budget. Our system digitally stores the recordings saving space and money for the court.

Our county court recording system comes packed with features like:

•    Search & retrieve all log sheets & recordings associated with a particular case at the touch of a button
•    Quickly duplicate specific portions of recordings to CD or DVD
•    Use “confidence monitoring” feature to ensure proper recording
•    Instantly access any segment of testimony
•    Built in alarm that alerts when there is an input malfunction

Our system is easy to use and requires very little maintenance. The FTR Reporter is easier than using a tape recorder to capture proceedings.

OBS, Lincoln Park, NJ based company, has been providing superior courts and municipal courts technological solutions since 1965. We pride ourselves in providing the best possible customer support in the industry.

Above are only some of the features and benefits fill the form on the right for a brochure that includes more details on our court recording system.