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Improve workflow and productivity by using digital dictation software at your law firm. Instead of typing up briefs and letters that require hours and hours of valuable time, a dictation software allows typists at your organization to speak into a computer program to draft important documents without spending long periods of time writing them out.

Digital Dictation for law firms in NJ

Office Business Systems (OBS) with more than 49-years of experience providing business solutions has helped a large number of law firms in New Jersey and surrounding States increase their productivity by using dictation and speech recognition software that make the work of paralegals and secretaries easier and more efficient. More productive employees result in a stronger bottom line. Legal Dictation System

Increases efficiency at your law office

The average typing speed is about 33 words per minute, while the average dictation speed is more than 100 words per minutes. By replacing typing with dictation a lawyer’s office is able to get three times as much done within the same amount of time.


Mobile devices supported

With Winscribe, the software solution OBS offers to its clients, you don’t need be in front of a computer, you can speak into an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry phone or tablet and begin writing with just your voice. With the support of mobile devices you can work from anywhere, and still be able to write up legal documents.

We provide solutions in PA, NJ, CT, and NY

OBS provides speech recognition and dictation solutions to companies and organizations throughout the tri-state area. Whether you need a solution for your law office or doctor’s office or for a government office, we can help. Call (973) 575-6550 or click to speak to a specialist today!

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