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Court recording, interview recording, interrogating solution, FTR offers all of these solutions through Office Business Systems (OBS).

FTR Record Manager in NJ

TheRecord Manager is a content management system for courts with large volumes of recordings. The manager makes it simple to store and sort through large amount of content. It’s a piece of software that comes standard in most court recording systems provided by FTR.

Basic features of the manager include:

TheRecord Online

Streamline the court’s audio and transcript order and fulfillment process using TheRecord Online, an easy to use solution that allows the court to quickly order transcription of audio from certified transcribers. Immediate transcriber access to recordings, a feature in TheRecord, allows the transcriptions to play a court audio recording, and type up a transcript.

This collaboration between the typist and the court reduces turn-around time; it reduces overhead costs, there is little need for mailing when the typist is able to access the audio from the system, and begin writing up the transcript. FTR’s TheRecord Online also comes with a payment processing attached to it allowing the exchange of payment for service via the internet.

Whether small or large court system recording solutions that preserve accurate and high quality records are essential to basic court operations in the 21st Century.

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