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FTR Monitor in NJ


FTR Monitor is a system that allows remote monitoring and controlling of FTR Reporter. It allows for reduction in operation costs by making the environment such that it requires only one staff member to start recording easily by pressing keys from a remote location rather than having to have one set of staff in charge of the function at every court room.

When used with the FTR Reporter™ digital recording solution, this application offers the alternative to lower operational costs by having one person remotely control the recording process for multiple rooms. Centralizing the recording – video and audio – of multiple courthouses through a single interface streamlines the digital recording process that would otherwise require more than one person.

Benefits of using FTR Monitor:

These are just three features and benefits that come with this monitoring system; there are many more features that come in handy during the day-to-day operation of a courthouse. The monitoring system has built in safeguards in case of system failures.

When there is a lack of connection or if there is some sort of technical malfunction the FTR Monitor quickly picks up on the issue and releases an alert informing the central monitoring staff member of the problem. This built in alert system makes the monitoring foolproof.

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