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FTR Hearings in NJ


Keep records of administrative hearings by using FTR hearing, a 2-channel recording system that captures crystal clear audio for playback, annotation, and archival purposes. These recordings of proceedings are stored in a secure storage system that allows you to easily export them to CDs or other external device.

Increase Productivity and Decrease Costs

Our easy to use hearing recorder with its tape recorder style interface allows almost anybody to operate it reducing the need for expert operators. It also allows you to cut spending on media, storage, and IT maintenance expenses allowing your agency or organization to improve its bottom line. With its inbuilt Quick Notes functions your organization can expediate reptitive text entry, when there is a need to transcribe the recorded audio.

FTR Hearing NJ


Our state-of-the-art FTR Hearings system allows you to instantly access any segment of the testimony without laberious fast forwarding and rewinding. This instant acess function saves you time and money by reducing the amount of time necessary to locate and extract specific sections of the testimony.

A trusted local provider

Office Business System (OBS), based out of Lincoln Park, NJ, has been providing recording solutions to large and small government and private sector entities in New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Connecticut (CT), and Penslvania (PA) for almost 50 years. Let us put our experience to work for your organization. Inquire about our recording solutions by calling (973) 575-6550 or dropping us a message through our contact us page.

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