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Since 1965 Office Business Systems has delivered professional dictation and voice processing sales and service to the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and eastern Pennsylvania area. In 1983 we implemented the first digital dictation systems in NJ hospitals and law firms. Our many years of experience make us the right choice for your business or profession, whether it is a legal, healthcare or commercial application. Our experienced digital dictation and speech recognition professionals are the best in the industry. Healthcare


Office Business Systems provides a complete line of voice and text solutions to meet the demands of today's business professional environments. These products include speech recognition applications as well as digital dictation and transcription systems. Our digital input devices include handheld portable dictation units, telephone dictation and PC Microphones. We also provide a complete mobile suite of applications for Windows Mobile©, BlackBerry© Smartphones, IPhone©, and Android© dictation. Office Business Systems offers complete turnkey solutions for medical dictation & transcription, law enforcement, and legal dictation needs. At Office Business Systems we maintain a strong partner relationship that provides for input we receive from our customers to our development team to constantly improve our products. Some of our partners include WinScribe, Philips, Olympus, Dragon, Nuance, M*Modal, and DAC.


At Office Business Systems you will benefit from our experienced team of professionals who will implement advanced technologies and solutions that are scalable and cost efficient. Our office and technical staff are local to the NJ, NY, CT, and eastern PA. We are a service company; our customers come first, last and always. This is evident by our longevity and reputation for excellence throughout the region's business community. Experience the best, experience Office Business Systems.



Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition has improved healthcare facilities bottom line while improving document workflow and turnaround. For more than 40 years, Office Business Systems has addressed the needs of the healthcare community incorporating products, technology, and support to offer the best of breed turnkey solutions.

Our Approach

At Office Business Systems we understand that healthcare facilities are different and the one size fits all approach does not work. Office Business Systems takes a consultative approach when designing hospital solutions. These solutions encompass all requirements for Electronic Medical Records and HL7, including dictation, voice recognition, authentication and automatic distribution. Each software manufacturer we represent is designed to integrate with front end voice and back end transcription systems.

Law Firms

Law Firms

In order to address client issues promptly and to stay ahead of the competition, you need tools that make your firm more efficient and more productive. Digital dictation enables attorneys and staff to organize their time more effectively and to work in more flexible and productive ways.

Digital dictation solutions will increase your firm's productivity, encourage work-sharing, and give the attorney the flexibility to work remotely and transfer dictation electronically back to their office. Attorneys who had become self-sufficient with the adoption of laptops or found dictation cumbersome in the past are becoming digital dictations' strongest advocates.

Efficiently managing the turnaround of work for a team of secretaries is extremely difficult. Secretaries have to wait to receive a full tape, which may contain hours of work. The tape can be worked on by only one secretary. This, along with poor sound quality, broken and lost tapes, and finding the priority dictation on a 60 minute tape, are just some the issues of the older cassette systems.

Digital dictation solves these problems enabling attorneys and secretaries to streamline the process and reduce document turnaround times.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

Incorporate speech recognition technology with digital dictation and you will improve transcription productivity by providing an electronic draft of your document and dramatically reducing the manual typing while improving the bottom line. Speech recognition can be implemented as a background function, which allows for editing by either you or your support staff at later time. You can also use speech recognition as a front end solution, which allows you to instantly see the words appear on your screen. Either method dramatically improves office productivity and the bottom line.

Office Business Systems has assisted hundreds of attorneys in the use of digital dictation. Our experience in the legal community combined with our products and superior service has earned us a reputation for providing solutions that work.



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