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Video Surveillance

Modern policing requires a significant amount of administrative work. While the capture and transcription of field incident reports, interviews and other audio recordings is highly critical to law enforcement and the legal system, there are ways to alleviate the time spent composing reports while meeting regulatory compliance.Winscribe provides speech technologies that make the job of law enforcement reporting easier, while providing anywhere and anytime access for dictating reports and recording statements.

With Winscribe, your agency will be able to more effectively document and manage dictated and recorded audio and reports – enabling your organization to improve efficiency, boost officer safety and keep more police feet on the beat.

Speech-Enabled Reporting

Winscribe’s dictation and speech recognition solutions allow law enforcement professionals to dictate and transcribe reports anywhere and at any time. Winscribe Dictation enables users to know each job’s status, and the system can be configured to identify and remedy bottlenecks in the production process, increasing workflow efficiency at your agency. With the addition of speech recognition, reports can be completed even faster – saving staff time and reducing document costs.

Physical Security

Mobile Recording & Dictation

Mobile dictation offers versatility that is essential for law enforcement reporting, including the ability to quickly and accurately record suspect interrogations, witness statements, and internal correspondence, as well as patrol officer reports. Winscribe supports mobile reporting applications for iOS,Android, BlackBerry and Windows mobile devices.

Multimedia Transcription

Winscribe supports the playback and accurate transcription from audio, video or DVD media. Reports can be supplemented with snapshots from videos, and geotagged images can be inserted along with dictations and recorded statements.:

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